Ollie Palmer, Professional Footballer  

"I would just like to say a huge thank you for the sessions you have helped with with in 2017. Keeping me fit during the season and off season was just what I needed, to help me develop and progress my game. With your help and knowledge let’s make my 2018 fitter & stronger."

Josh White, Professional Golfer


"Joining in with all the group sessions and sport specific training sessions, I have seen a massive difference in my overall performance and huge progressions in my golf game such as technique, distance and balance."  

Mark Beard, Academy Manager and former Pro Footballer

 "Cameron is the best strength and conditioning coach I have worked with. Having been a professional footballer for 20 years and a coach for 8 I can’t speak highly enough of him. Our players fitness levels have improved, and their body fat has gone down massively." 

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

"The best part of training with Cameron is that no session is ever the same. He always challenges me with new exercises and always gets the best out of me. Not only does he have an awesome knowledge of strength and conditioning he also has a bad ass facility to ensure every session is fun and varied." 

Charlie Edwards, Professional Boxer

"Training down the Go Fit Go Box gym with Cameron has helped me develop my power and speed. I would say without a doubt that strength and conditioning should be a major consideration for anyone looking to reach the top of an elite sport" 

Adam Coombes, Professional Footballer

"Go Fit Go Box has done so much for me after my knee operations, especially Cameron. I was told by surgeons that getting back to full strength and fitness was not a guarantee but with all the expertise at GFGB they have made it possible."